Welcome to SiteKit - a platform that provides you free tools to convert more visitors into customers. SiteKit provides you with 03 powerful features: Smart Bar, Popup and Multi Forms.

  1. Smart Bar

Grab visitors’ attention right when they land on your page by showing a beautiful header bar announcing your sales campaign or suggesting them to subscribe for updates. Staying at top of your website, Smart Bar delivers messages to your visitors without disrupting their shopping flows.

Instruction to set up your Smart Bar: How to create a Smart Bar with SiteKit

  1.  Popup

Popup can help you convert more leads and customers by using different kinds of popups on your website. It contains many beautiful and customizable templates so you can choose and edit to have popups which match not only your needs but also your website theme.

Instruction to set up the Popup: How to create a Popup with SiteKit

  1. Multi Forms - coming soon!

Asking for your customers’ feedback about new product lines or new product packaging designs through a survey or polls can be a great way to keep the connection with them. Creating an online survey is never easier with a simple tool like Multi Forms. 

You can visit SiteKit’s demo site to see what you can expect from this app! You can install SiteKit by signing up or following our instructions here.


Sitekit team.