Note: If your website is based on Shopify, there is no code installation needed since SiteKit version on Shopify is already optimized for Shopify users. You can use the app right after installing it on your store.


In case your website is based on other platforms or is a custom site, then please sign up to start using SiteKit and you’ll need to take an extra action, adding SiteKit Snippet code on your website, for the app to work.


Luckily, adding Snippet code is very simple with our instruction below: 


Step 1: Go to Settings >> Choose Tracking code of the site you want to install SiteKit on.


Tracking code


Step 2: Copy the code >> Click Continue


install code


Step 3: Open your store admin on a new tab >> Paste the copied snippet code right after the ‹footer› or ‹body› tag on each page of your site. Each platform may have different steps to add the code on your footer under the ‹footer› or ‹body› tag.

3.1 Example on Woocommerce store:

Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor >> find the Theme Footer file >> find the <body> section


Then paste the code under the body section


footer tab

3.2 Example on Magento 2.x site:

- Find the Content section >> Click Configuration

- Choose Edit Global theme

- Open the Footer tab from there and add the copied code.

Footer tab


Step 4: Come back to SiteKit's setting tab >> click the Verify Installation button to check if the verification was successful.


verify popup

If  the snippet code was applied successfully, you will see a notification like this:

verify successfully


You only need to insert the code once on each site to use all available tools of SiteKit.


If you need help install the code to your site, fell free to contact us or drop an email at, we are here to help!

Sitekit team.