Why we need this feature?

It has been proven that a gamified popup impacts the engagement with your customers and fluences their behavior much better than any normal lead-capture tools. The reasion is that a gamification popup, such as a Win wheel, makes the user experience more enjoyable.

How Win wheel feature by Sitekit works?

To test the feature, kindly visit this demo product, then hover your mouse near the "close tab" icon so the popup will appear.

To spin, simply put your email and name on the fields, then click the Spin button. The results will be randomized with a probability that you set.

How to add a new win-wheel?

Please go to Popup Section >> Create new Popup >> Choose the Goal Collect Emails with Win wheel

Other settings are very easy to set up with a preview right on the screen. 

Choose Goal

How to customize the Wheel Slices:

Contents, the probability and discount codes of each slice can be adjusted at Design tab >> Edit Wheel >> Configure Wheel Slices

You will be able to change the texts, adjust the Ratio for each slide, add the available discount codes (Sitekit can not generate a code itself, please create a discount code on your store admin then paste it there)

Edit Slices

Win wheel popup is an advanced feature for Premium package of the app. Click here to sign up and install Sitekit or upgrade your free version on your Billing page now to take advantage of this interesting feature.

Sitekit team.