Power User is a special program built for all SiteKit users in both free and paid versions of the app. By joining the Power User program, you will get access to additional features free of charge.

What features are in the Power User program?

Power User program allows you to get access to additional features of the app, including the option to:

  • Remove SiteKit branding logo

  • Apply new popup layouts and smart bar themes (these features are not available yet, coming soon!)

How much does the Power User program cost?

The Power User program is completely free with no hidden cost. You can activate this program in both the free and premium versions of SiteKit without any charges. 

How to activate the Power User program?

To activate the Power User program, please go to any campaign setting >> Settings >> Switch off the toggle button Show SiteKit brand.

The toggle button Show SiteKit brand is turned on by default. If you wish to remove SiteKit brand, switch off the button. Then you will automatically become a Power User.

A congratulation popup will show when you switch off the toggle button, you will also receive a confirmation email about the Power User program right after that. 

What are the differences between Power User features and Premium features?


These two programs are completely different with different features and pricing plans. 

Power User




Subscription fee


  • Removing SiteKit branding

  • New popup layouts and smart bar themes (coming soon!)

  • Exit-intent technology

  • Smart audience triggering (for new and returning visitors)

  • Win Wheel - gamified popups

  • Email integration with 9 popular email service providers


By switching off the toggle button Show SiteKit brand

By upgrading SiteKit to Premium through the billing page

For more information about the Premium version of SiteKit, please access this detailed blog here

If you have any other questions about SiteKit’s Power User program, please let us know by filling the form on our contact page, or sending us an email to support@getsitekit.com.

SiteKit team.