In this article:

- What is Exit-intent popup?

- How to create Exit-intent Popup with Sitekit?

- How to test Exit-intent?

What is Exit-intent popup?

Exit-intent or Exit popup is a specific type of popup that will only appear if your customers are about to leave your site. It helps to convince the visitors to stay on your site longer and therefore can prevent your abandonment cart rate.

By tracking the movement of the mouse cursor, this technology will detect when your customers hover the mouse near the close tab/browser icon on the desktop, or go back and forth from different tabs on mobile, then show your popup to convince them to stay. You can offer them a discounted price, or an interesting win-wheel on the popup to catch the attention and keep the visitors on your site.

How to create Exit-intent Popup with Sitekit?

Sitekit provides many types of popup and all of them can be shown on Exit-intent. 

(screenshot from demos tore)

To Set up an Exit-intent popup, go to the Settings tab, then choose Exit-intent. It will pop up when visitors are about to exit the page. This option is best for converting leaving visitors.  


How to test exit-intent?

To test how it works on a desktop: after adding matched items, you can hover your cursor out of your site or hover it near the close button. After that, The offer will show.